Getting started

Here the first steps with Encuestame


A very straightforward installation just following some steps

Step 1. Web Container

The installation is quite straightforward, just follow the next steps:

  1. As a developer you can build the project from the source code, follow this guidelines.
  2. or download the last release from here.

Step 2. Wizard Installation

  1. Once you have the build file, you can customize the Installation.
  2. We love automatize stuff, just follow this guide.

How to Use Encuestame

Here some shortcuts to give you a brief introduction how to use Encuestame

  1. Linking Social Networks
  2. Create your first Tweetpoll
  3. Create your first Poll
  4. Embebed a Widget

Get in Touch

We are waiting for your feedback, comments, questions or suggestions, there are different ways to reach us, don't be shy !

  1. Read our Blog .

  2. For help using Encuestame, ask on our Google Group .

  3. See our videos in our Youtube Channel .

  4. Also is posible post a comment in our Wiki .

Encuestame WAR

Compiled version, ready to deploy in your web container.

Download Encuestame Currently 1.5.4

Source Code

If you haven't already, download the source code forsource_code

Download Source Code


Do you want to try the product? Visit the demo