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Encuestame has been developed by @jotadeveloper and @dianmora since mid-2008 and was created to fill empty space in the survey online world, there are only a few options ready to use and others only under expensive rates, is the time for an open source option.

Along the last years we have been adding new features, being able to connect Encuestame with the most famous Social Networks, trying to give you a project easy to be installed, to be usable and to be easy manageable. In mid-2011 we release the first version of Encuestame, since then we managed to make usable Encuestame in the new mobile world.

Also we've enjoyed the support of companies like Atlassian and Jetbrains that have offered pen source licenses to our team. The history doesn't finish here, it will have more features coming soon.


Encuestame is maintained by one of its creators and a couple of contributors.

Get involved with Encuestame development by opening an issue or submitting a pull request. Read our contributing guidelines for information on how we develop.

Encuestame WAR

Compiled version, ready to deploy in your web container.

Download Encuestame Currently 1.5.4

Source Code

If you haven't already, download the source code forsource_code

Download Source Code


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