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  • Encuestame 1.146-FINAL Release Notes
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What's new in the Encuestame 1.146-FINAL beta release

Highlights of this Release

 This release it's more stable, several bug corrections and new user interfaces, improved the publication of surveys and new build system, IE support, responsive design, improved the social network distribution and user administration.

Other features

  • Migrated to Dojo 1.8
  • Completely new Build-in for production
  • New Responsive Design Layout
  • Publish pol on Social Networks
  • New tweetpoll advanced search
  • New mobile layouts
  • New notification list user interfaces
  • RESTful Documentation
  • New API Services   
  • Bugfixes
  • IE9 fully compatible
  • Stability

List of Changes

Download this file encuestame.1.146.xls

or check it online