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Last Release Information


Follow this guidelines if you want more depth on Mac OS X or Windows. The next guide is based in the latest changes in the master branch.


Source Code

To get the last source code version run this (git is required). Encuestame use git submodules, we need initialise after pull all the code.

Build with Maven

To build from master requires Apache Maven 3 (3.2.5 or higher) and JDK 7 or higher. There exist 2 ways to build Encuestame, please read more about it.
After get source code is necessary move to top level and run following command:

After build, it's ready to run with jetty server, follow this guide.

If you want deploy on web container you can find WAR file on (after run mvn install on top level):





Profiles are used to customize the test cases, to create war the profiles are ignored. If you want customise with your profile follow this guidelines.

  1. Create your profile file in the ENV folder.
  2. Customise your property file.

Deploying on Tomcat

After build you need configure and customise, follow this guide.

Jboss and Weblogic


Encuestame has been tested only on Tomcat environments, jboss and weblogic support are planned for the future.


Since the version 1.5.3 , encuestame uses ( to generate all static resources, javascript unit test included. It could fail due to requires a Browserstack account. Please follow the next guide to complete the guide without issues.


  1. I want to use this to implement our Survey module, but is is difficult to do second-development?, and is it possible to be integrated in our applications? Thanks. 

    1. Encuestame is based on RESTFul services, How do you you would to integrate?

      1. Thanks.

        Our application is based on both RESTFul services and servlet, it's developed by Spring + Spring IOC + Hibernate, and our DB is MySQL. I see this app is very powerful to do this, so hope it can be used directly in my case.


      2. I'm now installing Encuestame, it really takes a long time.

        1. If you are installing the "demo" data, yep, take a long time.

          1. How can I add questions from your demo site???