Social Surveys

Share your surveys easily by connecting with your favorite social networks.

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Quick Creation

Creating a survey is very easy and intuitive with a lot of features out of the box.

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Enjoy it in the mobile version; start, manage, vote and share your surveys anytime anywhere.

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Create a survey on few steps.And share it.

Encuestame supports multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook,, LinkedIn and many more in the future, you can manage several social network accounts and publish on all of them in one single step.

Mobile is the future,Encuestame is mobile.

Supports most of phones and tablets, offers you mobility, vote in your device, review all your created surveys, share your statistics, comment a popular question or review your profile.

Fast and FuriousSurvey

We created an usable and quick user interface to create different type of surveys, drag an drop, suggestion, inline edition and other very cool components to create your surveys quickly.


The WAR file is ready to run. If you need more information about the installation, pleaseread this.

Get the Build

1Download the zip fileGo to SourceForce

2Unzip the file and the .war

3Install it on your web container and run it

or build it yourself

1Clone directly from the repository

2or download the last tag as a zip

Get the source

3To build from the sourcefollow this guide.

The Team

Juan Carlos Picado

I like to define myself as a Front End Engineer because I love it. Responsible of the architecture, infraestructure and user interfaces, the performance is my best skill because always it's possible make the Javascript more fast and small. Dojo is my favourite framework.

Diana Paola Morales

I'm software engineer Java fan, my favourite framework is Spring, the quality of my code is my best skill and always doing my best. I'm the responsible of all backend of Encuestame.

Feel free to contribute to this project. If you want to be a committer,follow this guide.You can check the complete list of contributorshere.

About Us


Encuestame is a free open source project created in2008 in Nicaragua and Spain. Now our headquarters are in Austria. We decided to create a RESTFul API to integrate the new User Interface with three party applications. In 2011 we receivedAtlassian Open Source Licenses, helping our project to become more mature.


This project is alive, we are working hard every day to offer you a more stable product. Everything related to our roadmap is available in thispage.

Click here to lend your support to: encuestame open source survey tool and make a donation at !

Encuestame doesn't have incomes and is a non-profit and free project. We only accept donations for the maintenance of the infrastructure. Your best contribution for us is your own code.